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For the past five weeks, the German-language arm of ScienceBlogs,, has featured a specialty blog, For Women in Science. The blog, sponsored by L’Oreal, has posted several interviews with notable women in science, including the general secretary of the European Research Council and Dr. Marion Schick, president of the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

i-8dc36d880200140f5233dff3dc3697d5-MariaFurtwngler200.jpgTheir latest interview is with medical doctor Maria Furtwängler, who also happens to be one of Germany’s top actresses. In the interview, she discusses the regrettable lack of child-care options available to working mothers, the push for a fixed quota of women in professorships, and how Marie Curie inspired her to pursue medicine.

Our German readers are encouraged to check out the interview now; for everyone else, an English translation will be available shortly.


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