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Next up—the full-sized pictures featured this week on the Politics and Medicine & Health channels and some note-worthy posts.


Politics. Sarah Palin using technology. From Flickr, by asecondhandconjecture

Here we have Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin seated at a flight simulator. Palin also demonstrated her technological skills when she used eBay to put her luxury jet up for sale for $2.7 million. The jet reportedly sold for $2.1 million. Palin also supports using the Internet to promote transparency in government, although when hackers recently exposed Palin’s personal email account which contained business transactions, she did not approve.

Also in the Politics channel this week, we liked:

McCain on autism

The Impact of McCain’s Split Screen Personality

National Academies Launches Hollywood Science Project

Lori Minnite on the Voter Fraud Scam


Humanities & Social Science. This model illustrates certain creationist beliefs that human beings and dinosaurs co-existed. From Flickr, by chromalux

This is a photo displays the preparations for electrophoresis. Wells have been molded into agarose gel and filled with dyed DNA fragments which have been amplified using the Polymerase Chain Reaction technique. An electric current is passed through the gel, pulling the DNA through it and catching different-sized fragments at different positions, indicating which fragments are present.

Some good ones from the Medicine & Health channel:

Bush EPA sets new rules for lead in air: mirabile dictu

Stop Jenny McCarthy

Being a Doctor and the Moral Sense

Why should I trust you?


Education and Careers. From Flickr, by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³

That’s all, for now. Keep an eye out for updates on the Brain & Behavior and Technology channels.


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