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ScienceBlogs is Doubling our Impact

Those of you who have been following this year’s DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge may know that ScienceBlogs has already raised over $18,000 for public school classrooms that lack adequate funding for science education. Our readers have been remarkably generous, averaging over $75 per donation. ScienceBlogs, too, has offered prizes to donors—Seed magazine subscriptions, custom USB drives, an Apple iPod Touch and more.


Now, ScienceBlogs has also donated $15,000 to DonorsChoose in Double Your Impact campaign. Each of our 21 participating bloggers will receive $715 to disburse among their chosen classroom projects.

If you haven’t already donated to DonorsChoose this year, we encourage you to find a way to give, too—in any amount—for the sake of science education. (And then of course, forward your confirmation email to to enter one of our prize drawings.)