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Hello again, ScienceBlogs enthusiasts. Today we will be taking a look at this week’s hot posts in the Environment and Humanities & Social Science channels. I’m Arikia Millikan, your ScienceBlogs intern, and I’ll be your guide.


Environment channel photo. The PPL-owned nuclear cooling towers in Conyngham and Salem Townships, Luzerne County. As seen from the Council Cup scenic overlook.
From Flickr, by Nicholas T


October 27, 2008—There is perhaps no image more awesome and terrifying than that of the atomic bomb. It is the one thing (that we know of… LHC black hole dragons could be the next WMD, you never know) that has the ability to end life as me know it in one fell swoop. This is why Benjamin Cohen’s post on The World’s Fair is so enthralling. How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb features riveting photography of some of the 300+ tests conducted by the United States since its invention.
As the election nears, I shudder to think about what is at stake with the possibility of atomic warfare looming over humanity, and how our well-being may very well depend on the ability of our elected officials to regard this technology with the utmost respect.

October 27, 2008—On a lighter note, this post from coby from A Few Things Illconsidered is being mentioned simply because, I WANT ANSWERS. Assuming that the author of this post did not read every article linked on here (because it would take eleventy million hours/two brains) I am still baffled that someone could copy/paste that many links into one post. Coby, are you Google? Are you a telekinetic DARPA experiment or a robot? Please somebody fill me in.

October 23, 2008—This post from Darren Naishon Tetrapod Zoology is chalk full of little creatures that I’m pretty sure I want for pets. Did you scientists figure out how to do that whole Jurassic Park thing yet? Get to it.


Humanities and Social Science channel photo. Artwork by Banksy featuring the white-washing of human history. From Flickr, by Leeks

Humanities and Social Sciences

October 28,2008—Coinsidentally on the same day as the thwarted Obama assassination plans formulated by some white-supremacists, Brian Switeck from Laelaps posted about old views of evolution and how certain people were viewed as human-animal hybrids in a manner not lacking in racial undertones.

October 24,2008—Chad Orzel from Uncertain Principles threw a little optimism into the usual depressing schpeels about the economic crisis gaining perspective from the actual Great Depression. Read it and feel better about stuff!

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