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For the past five weeks, the German-language arm of ScienceBlogs,, has featured a specialty blog, For Women in Science. The blog, sponsored by L’Oreal, has posted several interviews with notable women in science, including the general secretary of the European Research Council and Dr. Marion Schick, president of the Munich University of Applied Sciences.…

In this entry, you will find: The large versions of the Environment, Humanities & Social Science, and Education and Careers channel photos and the best posts of the week. Environment. From Flickr, by KhayaL

No one is in a better position to understand how policy affects science than working scientists themselves. Scientists & Engineers for America Action Fund and ScienceBlogs asked several well-known figures in science—including recent Nobel Prize winner Martin Chalfie and “father of the Internet” Vint Cerf”—who they plan to vote for in the upcoming presidential election.…

Tuesday, October 14th marked the world’s first Open Access Day. The open access movement has revolutionized the way that scientific research results are shared; anyone with the Internet can view scientific journal articles at no cost through open access journals like Public Library of Science (PLoS).

Women in Science on

Women in science contend with a unique set of issues in addition to those shared by all working scientists: how to break into what are often strongly male-dominated fields; how to contend with rampant stereotyping and expectations of female scientists; and how to handle pregnancies in the workplace are a few of them.

New York Knows How to Party

On October 7, ScienceBlogs readers, bloggers, and editors gathered in the Lower East Side for a night of rooftop revelry to celebrate the posting of our millionth comment. We ate, drank, and talked about all things science. In reader Kevin’s words, “the party was a big hit! management wasn’t even around and we were the…

Getting back in the swing of things with Channel posts, what’s inside: The large versions of the Life Sciences and Physical Sciences channel photos, comments from readers, and the best posts of the week. Life Science. This cuttlefish was thrilled to celebrate International Cephalopod Appreciation Day on October 8. From Flickr, by Pear Biter

Donors Choose Blog

ScienceBloggers band together. And no, unlike the many parties they’ve been banding together at recently, this time it’s for a good cause:

In this post: the large versions of the Education and Careers and Politics channel photos, comments from readers, and the best posts of the week. Education and Careers. Math class in Penang, Malaysia. From Flickr, by cleong