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Archives for November, 2008

In the October DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge, ScienceBlogs readers donated over $18,000 to benefit classrooms around the country that lack adequate science funding. Now, we are offering an opportunity to continue the giving–purchase a Seed magazine subscription at a special discounted rate, and we’ll donate it to your local high school, or select a school for…

Technology Channel Weekly Update

Technology The evolution of iPods. From Flickr, by D’Arcy Norman

The Buzz: Body of Copernicus Found

Last week, scientists positively identified the bones of Nicolaus Copernicus, the astronomer credited with scientifically formulating the idea that the universe is heliocentric and prompting the 16th century scientific revolution. To be sure that the bones were actually those of Copernicus, the scientists compared DNA from the unmarked remains found in a grave beneath Frombork…

Brain & Behavior An African gray parrot. From Flickr, by The G-tastic 7

Over the next four weeks, ScienceBlogs will explore some of the most controversial and increasingly relevant issues in biotechnology on a new blog, What’s New in Life Science Research. The blog is sponsored by Invitrogen and will feature writings on stem cell research, cloning, biodefense and genetically modified organisms from both experienced bloggers and biotechnology…

Medicine & Health Krayzie pillz? From Flickr, by Dvortygirl

Politics President and Vice President Elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden on election night. From Flickr, by Barack Obama

Education & Careers “Inspecting an optical circuit after the wafer dicing saw step. Many labor tasks – from retail to security to manufacturing – seemed to go for triple redundancy.” From Flickr, by jurvetson

From the well-preserved remains of a woolly mammoth that was buried by Siberian winters about 18,545 years ago, scientists were able to extract viable DNA and sequence the majority of an extinct species’ genome for the first time. The mammoth’s genome is currently about 70 percent sequenced, and researchers estimate the size of the genome…

Humanities & Social Sciences “This image was designed and uploaded as an illustration for the flickr censorship campaign that happened globally in June 2007.”From Flickr, by Mr.Enjoy