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The Buzz: The Body-Swap Illusion

Our awareness of our own bodies is determined by integrating information from our senses. The complexity of this interaction leads to the feeling of “owning” our unique bodies, but a new study published in PLoS ONE has shown that we can be tricked into feeling ownership of other bodies, as well. Participants in the study wore headsets projecting the view from a mannequin’s eyes, and were then stroked in time with the mannequin at the same place on their bodies. Not only did they report a feeling of being inside the mannequin’s body, they responded to threats to the mannequin as if it were themselves.


  1. #1 Bramki obrotowe
    December 5, 2008

    Bi-directional turnstiles series BR2 are designed for personal control systems in supervised places indoors and outdoors applications.
    Currently, in Poland over 600 various firms and buildings: airports, government buildings, ambassies, military and police buildings, power plants, swimming pools, ski lifts etc. use our turnstiles.