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ScienceBlogs taking a short break…

Hi folks,

ScienceBlogs has grown an incredible amount since we got started—our 75 bloggers have composed over 88,000 posts, and as a community we have generated over a million comments. With all this activity, we’ve been feeling some growing pains recently, so this weekend we will be upgrading the software that drives the site.

Starting this afternoon (Friday, 1/9) at about 1pm Eastern time, we’re going to shut down parts of the site for at least 24 hours (probably more like 36 hours)—specifically, the commenting and posting functions.

This means that the site will still be browsable, but there won’t be any new content (from bloggers or commenters) until tomorrow (Saturday, 1/10) afternoon.

We will post a new entry here once the upgrade has been completed—thanks for your patience!

— The ScienceBlogs Team