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Building Space With Words


Last Wednesday I took a voyage into the blogosphere. Upon entering this physical manifestation of the place I spend most of my time, a mix of words and light swirled around me, illuminating my field of vision from every angle as thoughts, desires and observations rushed forward from the trenches of hyperspace and darted out of view again. Through my fingertips, my thoughts were instantaneously transfered to the space around me for everyone in the room to see. No, I wasn’t on drugs and it wasn’t a dream—I was at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University art exhibit, “Building_Space_With_Words,” which SEEDMAGAZINE.COM supported as a media partner.


From the NYU Poly website:

What happens when the physical properties of space are changed and discourse becomes the main material? This is the question Anne-Laure Fayard and Aileen Wilson are exploring in Building_Space_With_Words, a multimedia interactive installation, which investigates the metaphor of virtual space. Their work creates co-existing virtual and physical environments supporting simultaneous reflection on issues related to communication and space while inviting the visitors to reflect on their experience while interacting in both virtual and physical realms.


The exhibit opening I attended was March 4, but the exhibit will be on display to the public until March 27, 2009 at the NYU-Poly Wunsch Building, located at 311 Bridge Street (entrance on MetroTech Center Plaza) in Downtown Brooklyn. You can visit the event website for more information.

Be sure to check out the Building_Space_With_Words blog to contribute to the semantic voyage of the exhibit attendees.


Photos from the Building_Space_With_Words blog.