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Yesterday, Seed Media Group was proud to launch a new and improved SEEDMAGAZINE.COM. The site is loaded with rich content, advanced navigational tools and display features where design and functionality are flawlessly combined to guide you through all the glorious science you could want.

From the editors of SEEDMAGAZINE.COM:

Science is changing our world. It is behind the transformations–social, economic, artistic, intellectual, and political–that are defining the 21st century. Through this lens, and with the newest tools of media and journalism, we aim to tell the fundamental story of our world today and to provide information and knowledge to help you prepare for the story tomorrow.

Our departments and sections demarcate the universe as we will cover it on a daily basis. There’s Development, Politics, Environment, Design, Business, Technology, Theory, Findings, and more. There’s a Studio where we will experiment with visualization and information design and media to convey our reporting. We’ve developed an editorial tagging system that works as a train-of-thought gauge for the ideas and issues we cover, and as a new way for you to explore our content. And there’s our top-flight writers, photographers, videographers, columnists, and correspondents spread out across the globe.

This is an experiment in media, and yet an old cause in journalism. We have a world to explore and a story to tell you. The culture and constant innovation of science naturally inspires us to test and reinvent the ways we go about doing it. In the coming days, weeks and months, we’ll deploy new features to deepen and broaden our coverage and enhance your reading, listening, and viewing experience.

The Daily Zeitgeist is now prominently featured on the home page to highlight five of the top science stories on the web. And of course, an array of ScienceBlogs posts has a home there as well.

Well, what are you waiting for? Head over to SEEDMAGAZINE.COM and check it out!