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Though Liberia’s 14-year civil war ended in 2003, wartime effects are still evident in the country’s horrific incidence of sexual violence; between January and April of this year, Doctors Without Borders treated over 275 new cases of sexual abuse in Liberia, 61% involving children under the age of 12. During the month of June, ScienceBlogger Isis the Scientist, in collaboration with Sheril Kirshenbaum of The Intersection, will lead a fund-raising and awareness campaign against the rape and abuse of girls in Liberia, titled Silence is the Enemy. Earnings from several ScienceBloggers’ blogs—including Aetiology, Neurotopia, DrugMonkey and Isis’s own blog—will go to Doctors Without Borders this month, so contributing is as easy as giving them your pageviews.


  1. #1 Amy
    July 2, 2009

    Thanks for this campaign. I put the message out on twitter and sent them to this URL.