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If you’ve been running into time-outs and submission errors while commenting lately, you’re not alone—our system has been suffering some growing pains and it’s time for a network-wide rehaul of sorts.

Tonight we’ll be transferring over to shiny new servers, and we hope that this will make things run more smoothly for everyone. To make this transition, however, we’ll need to shut down the system overnight, and we’ve asked our bloggers to refrain from posting as well. Starting at 7:00 pm EST, commenting will be disabled. It should be back when the system resumes running tomorrow morning.

We appreciate your patience through this transition and trust that it will make your ScienceBlogs experience that much more stellar! In the meantime, distract yourself with one of the following:

GigaPan: stunning gigapixel photographs

“The 10 Craziest Scientific Experiments Ever Conducted” on

Spirograph online