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As the long days of late summer grow shorter and darker, many of us are trying to eke out as much time outdoors as possible before fall’s sweaters and yellowing leaves arrive. ScienceBloggers are no exception this week as they took to the natural world, focusing the lens of science on wildlife. Greg Laden’s Blog looks to the skies, reporting on BirdLife International’s efforts to “confirm the continued existence of 47 species of bird that have not been seen for up to 184 years.” Photo Synthesis takes a dive into the deep, showcasing a photo essay on the sea’s most fascinating camouflaged predators. Over on Tetrapod Zoology, Darren Naish criticizes philosopher David Pearce’s controversial proposal to eradicae natural predators–severely impacting global biodiversity and natural selection–in the name of eliminating “suffering and cruelty from the natural world.”