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Monday marked the first day of the 2009-2010 academic school year for a large number of students and teachers. For many ScienceBloggers, this meant a return to the lectern and for others, a return to their own scholarly pursuits. Wherever ScienceBloggers might find themselves this semester, it is clear school is on the brain. Over on Sciencewomen, Alice Pawley muses on her latest inspiration and urges readers to “take back your education!” Uncertain Principles invites readers to contribute to a discussion on academics’ obligations to former students. No school year is ever complete without a good dose of controversy, as EvolutionBlog’s Jason Rosenhouse points out in his wry reportage on Richard Dawkins’s “involvement” in the recent Sedalia, MO school marching band T-shirt scandal. Terra Sigillata’s Abel Pharmboy follows in suit, with his coverage of Meredith College’s potential cuts of women’s studies in Raleigh, NC.