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Spotlight on Paleontology


Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures are one of the first things that capture kids’ interest in science, but the fascination doesn’t end with childhood. Paleontology takes the spotlight on ScienceBlogs this week, where bloggers are highlighting its presence in the media and current events, the arts, and education. On Laelaps, Brian Switek responds to a pro-creationist article in the Telegraph with his post on the Aetiocetus, an ancient ancestor of the whale. Not Exactly Rocket Science’s Ed Yong takes us back to the 1990s when Jurassic Park‘s “computer-generated reptilian actors” were all the rage; a decade later, Chinese paleontologists discovered that the ferocious Velociraptor may have had feathers and something like wings. Bioephemera features a “dinocamera from artist/photographer/metalworker/amateur time traveler Judith Hoffman,” and the “Paleobet,” an artistic tool for learning prehistory as well as the alphabet.