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Should science writers and communicators drop the “technical jargon” in order to popularize science for the masses? What can major players in science culture do to maximize science’s “cool factor,” communicating important issues to the public at large? These questions were posed by Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum in Unscientific America, released earlier this year, and are not unfamiliar to most ScienceBloggers. Randy Olson presents similar arguments in Don’t Be Such a Scientist: Talking Substance in an Age of Style, hitting booksellers later this week. Brian Switek of Laelaps and Scicurious of Neurotopia sat down together to hash out the dilemmas presented to science communicators in light of these books, asking critical questions on why science doesn’t have a greater presence in popular culture. Here, ScienceBloggers weigh in on how-and if-science communicators went wrong, and what can be done to remedy the current situation.