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The Buzz: In a Perfect Lab…

i-e5d23a3478d9d896a01e54868d1af9bd-lab.jpgThis week, ScienceBloggers are full of ideas to better the practice of research science. In Scicurious’s perfect lab, negative data–data that doesn’t support a study’s hypothesis–would be every bit as publishable as data that confirms it. In Janet Stemwedel’s perfect lab, animal researchers would engage in dialogue over debate in the face of violent opposition. In DrugMonkey’s perfect lab, undergraduate research assistants would be paid or receive academic credit for their work. And while Isis the Scientist agrees with DrugMonkey, she offers some hypothetical situations that could complicate the issue: “Say Dr. Isis has a hypothetical student who comes to her for an employment opportunity. Dr. Isis tells said student that there is money available to pay her for 10 hours per week of her time. This student then asks if she can spend hours above and beyond the 10 in order to gain ‘additional experience.’ Is it ethical to allow the student to spend additional time in the lab?”

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