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i-1b056c30575510e64b982059873bcbde-SocialMediaFinal2_725c.jpgThis week kicked off the 2009 Donors Choose Social Media Challenge–a program ScienceBloggers take part in annually to help public school teachers build scientific literacy, engagement, and excitement among their students. is an online charity where public school teachers from across the country submit requests for specific needs or special projects in their classrooms, such as microscopes for biology lessons or notebooks for a writing workshop. Readers can browse these requests online, and choose any classroom they’d like to donate to. The program has been an important event in the ScienceBlogs calendar since 2006, and last year raised donations that directly reached over 15,000 students–many of them future college students and scientists. Every week in October, we’ll be raffling off ScienceBlogs Swag Bags filled with prizes to selected donors, including SEED Moleskin notepads and tote bags, as well as ScienceBlogs mugs and USB drives. We look forward to another outstanding year solidifying ScienceBlogs’ commitment to elevating teaching and learning across scientific disciplines in classrooms nationwide. Check below the fold for a full list of participating bloggers, and keep tabs with how we’re doing on the ScienceBlogs leaderboard on

Bloggers participating in the 2009 DonorsChoose Social Media Challenge:


  1. #1 Bob O'H
    October 9, 2009

    We’re meant to send our receipts to you, to be entered in a draw, aren’t we? What’s the address? I want to get my wife a SEED Moleskin notepad.