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The Full Spectrum of Science


Photo by Ted Kinsman, as seen on Photo Synthesis.

Far from being a world of sterile white labs and colorless data, science offers some of the most spectacular imagery imaginable. Take the microscopic guppy embryo, a finalist in Nikon’s 2009 Small World contest, which Frank Swain shares on SciencePunk. Or the punch-colored demonstration of Newton’s law of inertia as a paintball collides with an egg yolk, shot by Photo Synthesis blogger Ted Kinsman. Or the Hubble-like photograph of the Milky Way captured by astrophotography hobbyist Rogelio Andreo, using earthbound digital cameras and equipment. Or NASA Earth Observatory’s recently released satellite images of recent and ongoing volcanic eruptions around the globe… As ScienceBloggers demonstrate this week, the list goes on and on.


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