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The Buzz: Earth Science Week

i-67c332b28ecdc5698cf9c08ab898b2f4-earth.jpgLast week, ScienceBloggers celebrated Earth Science Week with a flood of geocentric posts. This year’s theme this was Understanding Climate, and was the basis for a whole host of events in the coming days. Tuesday was No Child Left Inside Day, dedicated to taking kids outside to learn and play. If you weren’t able to take kids outside, Kim Hannula at All of My Faults Are Stress Related provided an alternative: Donate to the Geobloggers Giving Kids the Earth challenge on Anne at Highly Allochthonous hand selected five classroom projects for funding, and Anne and Chris will thank donors by taking requests for future post topics. Later on in the week, Blog Action Day and Women in the Geosciences Day took place on Thursday. Women in the Geosciences Day was celebrated on Sciencewomen with “some cool videos of women earth scientists and how they are working to improve the diversity and representation of women in atmospheric science.”