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The Buzz: Eating Your Words


We often hear that “you are what you eat,” but the relationship between what goes in our bodies and what our bodies make of it is really quite complex. On Respectful Insolence, Orac laments that “diet does not have nearly as large an effect as we had hoped” on the prevention of cancer, and that by the time we reach adulthood, dietary interventions may be too late. Elsewhere, Joseph on Corpus Callosum examines a new study which suggests that drinking coffee lowers the risk of hepatitis C progression in afflicted individuals. Bucking the study’s correlative conclusion, he says it’s “not possible to generalize” about such a select population. On Guilty Planet, Jennifer Jacquet cautions against nutritional narcissism, saying that healthy eating is about more than “me and my body,” it’s about “my community, my country, my planet.” In a separate post, she shows us the first photo taken of a coral eating a jellyfish, making that old adage sound more dubious than ever.

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