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Copenhagen, Claus & Christ


The climate summit in Copenhagen came to a tenuous conclusion on Friday, as five nations pulled a non-binding “agreement” from thin air. This agreement recognizes the threat of rising temperatures and pledges financial aid for developing countries, but sets no emission guidelines and is not legally enforcible anyway. On Casaubon’s Book, Sharon Astyk fears what global warming will do to Santa’s Workshop, writing that the major players at Copenhagen were “afraid to do hard things,” and content to “pretend to do something” instead. Meanwhile, Greg Laden on his blog points out that Copenhagen provided another chance for global warming denialists to miss the forest for the snow-covered trees. Seguing back toward the North Pole, Revere celebrates an otherwise secular family’s faith in Santa Claus on Effect Measure, writing that Christmas is “warm and pleasant at a dark time of year,” and an opportunity to buy gifts for “loved ones and friends to make them happy.” And on Aarvarchaeology, Martin Rundkvist considers the legacy and future of Christmas carols, after singing about Christ himself in an “increasingly vague and all-encompassing” Swedish Church.

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