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Dawn of The Systems Age


On Collective Imagination, Joe Salvo declares the Information Age to be over, writing that “a period of history can be characterized by the dominant technology that separates the leaders from the followers.” He believes we have reached a point where that separation no longer exists, as once-precious data tend toward low-value ubiquity. So what’s up next? Salvo augurs the “Systems Age,” which involves “sensing, collecting, and manipulating data in near real-time with little to no human supervision.” In other words, artificial intelligences will become the keepers of the digital sphere. On Applied Statistics, Aleks Jakulin considers the importance of data privacy but also the potential windfalls of publicity, asserting that “keeping medical data public would allow massive advances in medicine.” And on A Blog Around The Clock, Coturnix explores the ways our connectedness affects book publication, as the internet offers writers more ways to start writing, get noticed, self-publish and embrace new forms.

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