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Introducing The Thoughtful Animal

i-893a7b2d10fe1d307388421fbffdb510-THoughtful Chimp.jpgStart your week off by welcoming the newest member of the to the ScienceBlogs family: Jason Goldman of The Thoughtful Animal. Jason is a doctoral student studying cognition and behavior at the University of Southern California. You may already be familiar with Jason’s blog, his Pi Day Contest pie, or his involvement in Research Blogging, where he has just started a stint as a Psychology and Neuroscience editor there. His series of posts on the navigational abilities of animals, including desert ants, were fodder for one of the most popular Research Blogging column of all time. He kicks off his first post on SB with the behavior of an animal nearer and dearer to our hearts, however: the family dog. Be sure to stop by and say hello!

Jason is also featured in a couple of Dave Munger’s Research Blogging columns over at SeedMag:

You can check out the rest of Jason’s ResearchBlogging posts and find him on Twitter @jgold85. Be sure to give him a warm welcome; if the above links don’t make it obvious, he’s a great addition to the team.