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B/W Ant QueenYesterday, we welcomed Jason Goldman of The Thoughtful Animal to ScienceBlogs. And if you liked his post about desert ants on stilts, you’re going to love the blogger who has joined us today: Alex Wild of Myrmecos. Like Goldman, Wild’s no stranger to SB or the science blogosphere; his awesome insect photography was featured on Photo Synthesis last year, and his original home has been a regular digital hangout of myrmecologists and nature bloggers of all stripes and species since 2007. Wild’s archives have been ported over, so there’s over two years worth of posts to check out. To start, take a look at his weekly mystery insect contest, or just say hello in his inaugural comment thread.

If you haven’t seen the photography on Myrmecos yet, prepare to be mind-blown. Beyond his etymological expertise, Alex frequently posts tricks of the trade, so you can get an up-close view of both his insectile subject matter and the process that goes into making it look so good.