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When James Hrynyshyn launched The Island of Doubt in five years ago, he directed his efforts at dismantling “pseudoskeptical arguments from those who have trouble accepting reality.” This meant covering a variety of subjects, from climate change, to creationism, to alternative medicine, and more. And while this has put The Island of Doubt into august company here at ScienceBlogs, the word “doubt” had the unfortunate habit of misleading global warming deniers as to which side James was on. Today, James relaunches his blog with a new name – Class M – and a renewed commitment to covering the most pressing problem humanity faces: anthropogenic climate change. So check out James’s new digs and update your bookmarks and blogrolls accordingly!

I see that Bora, and Greg have penned some welcomes, but personally, I want to thank James for helping work the second Star Trek reference of the week into the Buzz. At this rate, we’ll be able to launch an actual ScienceBorg Cube by mid-summer. (Bonus points are also awarded for working in a Lost reference to the relaunch announcement.)

Star Trek might be easy to dismiss by all you hard Sci-Fi buffs out there, but despite the omnipresence of meaningless technobabble, the show can be depended on for commentary on any scientific, philosophical, or social issue you’d care to name. Like fine wine, it’s all about the pairings, so for the issue of climate change (and the difficulty of spurring action against it), might I suggest a ‘ 93 vintage, from The Next Generation‘s 7th season: Force of Nature. The whole episode is (currently) available on YouTube, but the first part begins below: