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Welcome to Your Material Universe

Ethan wrote a very interesting post about parallel universes, a subject very dear to my heart. So forgive me as some of this bullshit starts to make sense.

Time is not the 4th dimension.  Time, while a dimensional experience, is purely a product of consciousness.  The physical universe incorporates both past and future; the universe, in essence, is a singularity.  Within a 10-dimensional orbit of the singularity is the potential for all matter and energy. From a human point of view, all but the narrowest ~3.14 dimensions of space are hidden behind a dimensional horizon. That is whor nowy most mass is invisible. We are not so much at the center of the universe as near its edge.

In fact, every galaxy in the observable universe is as near the edge of the universe as we are (although they appear, through telescopes, where they were in aeons past).  The true edge of the universe is the “end” of “time” and it is naught-dimensional.  If life survives until the end of time, it will have to adapt to less and less dimensional space, and then it will run out.  This is unfortunate for the ideal of material gain and progress, but it is fortunate in the sense that time is not what it appears, nor oblivion.  Organic life simply has its back turned to God. Evolution will lead to god. For now only death is our angel.

Let’s say, at the “beginning” of “time,” the universe is 10-dimensional.  The “speed” of light is immediately set. From our point of view, it is the fastest it will ever be, and it will slow down continuously until the end of time. This is why the most distant galaxies are red-shifted, why the universe appears to be expanding ever faster. In fact, the speed of light is slowing down. At the “end” of “time” the speed of light will be zero. There will be no space, no radiation or matter.  There will not even be darkness.

If there is a multiverse in the sense of quantum potential, it is possible that only living consciousness collapses it and makes it tangible. Life on Earth is a process that only proceeds away from the center, from the origin. Thus in our lives time seems to pass, light slows and the universe seems to expand. Our consciousness “tunnels” through the 10-dimensional sphere of potential toward its 0-dimensional limit. But to describe the 0-dimensional edge of the universe is really to restate the singularity.  Between the edge and the center, the end and the beginning, is also the singularity. In a sense this is the 11th dimension and the ultimate nature of reality. It’s magic.

It seems that matter and energy may only be the products of consciousness or awareness. In that case the quantum ‘multiverse’ is an immaterial fantasy and thus there is no need to account for duplicated mass or energy. There are no concurrent universes because we have no concurrent selves. Consciousness collapses wavefunctions and is not forked by them.

But there is a finite amount of mass in the universe, and a finite number of dimensions in which it can express matter and energy. The universe is singular.  If anything it might seem to repeat itself in endless variations but it can’t run alternate states in parallel.


  1. #1 Erling Jacobsen
    September 28, 2013

    (with apologies to Star Trek) consciousness, consciousness … what is consciousness ?

    Why would “consciousness” be different to any other lump of matter ? Hmm ?

  2. #2 what ?
    September 28, 2013

    What the … ?
    Seriously ?
    On ScienceBlogs ?

    What you just wrote does not give any meaning at all,
    Please stop!

  3. #3 xteeth
    the universe
    September 29, 2013

    So many declarative sentences. In argumentation it is important to explain how a certain thing is known or from whom the ideas were gotten. This is just a statement of religion not philosophy or science. Claiming to have thought about something for nine years gives no particular credence.

  4. #4 Tertius
    Solid ground
    September 29, 2013

    It sounds all Sciency! It’s a hodgepodge of utter nonsense, but it sounds all Sciency and stuff! Dimensions! Consciousness! Energy! I’m surprised crystal pyramid hats didn’t come up at some point.