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Sarah Dasher

Biosphere 2, that famous research boondoggle, has entered a new stage in its lifecycle: condo and ranchette proliferation.

Aaaah, wilderness. Fresh air, the smell of pines, the sounds of songbirds chirping…quelling the urge to throw an elbow in Central Park on a sunny Sunday morning. Intuition tells us that time spent outside is good for our mental health, and myriad studies affirm it. Schools that incorporate a nature-based curriculum have higher test scores…

Summer is nearly here, and beef is in the air: or at least in the mainstream media. A cursory search of Google news earlier this week turned up eighteen different stories about beef posted within a twenty-four hour period, among them: South Korea Opens to US Beef Imports, Pampered Beef Cattle Generate a Niche Profit,…

A new Google Earth overlay allows you to track the progress of HMS Endurance. Sure, it lacks the glamour of Shackelton’s initial voyage–but armchair explorers don’t have to eat seals.

The Earth isn’t the only thing that’s hotter than ever. Rob Reiner’s famously clueless rock-and-roll trio is reuniting for an unexpected reason: to save the world from global warming.

IPCC Confirms: Sky IS Falling.

2050: Warming temperatures melt the glaciers off Kilimanjaro (and other equatorial mountains). 2100: Climate change drives a quarter of all plant and animal species to extinction. 2200: Melting ice changes the distribution of Earth’s mass enough to actually speed the rotation of the Earth.

Lloyd Godson, a 29-year-old Australian marine biologist, spent the last 13 days submerged in his local wetlands in a home-grown submarine. He was fulfilling a long-time dream.

They sleep an average of 20 hours, and subsist on less than two pounds of gum leaves per day. Yet an absence of natural predators and extremely low metabolic demands may not be enough to keep Australia’s koala population alive into the next century.

We’ve Had it Up to Here.

A recent report by the Asian Development Bank predicts that garbage output by Asian cities will more than double by 2025–from 760 thousand tons to 1.8 million tons per day. That amount of garbage would rapidly swamp the municipal governments charged with taking care of trash disposal. Here in the U.S., New York and Maryland…

Transmutation, Mount Washington Style.

Manhattan was besieged by a fusillade of ice pellets this morning. Weather like this always makes me think of home.