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Yesterday, Seed Media Group was proud to launch a new and improved SEEDMAGAZINE.COM. The site is loaded with rich content, advanced navigational tools and display features where design and functionality are flawlessly combined to guide you through all the glorious science you could want.

Pictures from the Building_Space_With_Words event: The maze.

Building Space With Words

Last Wednesday I took a voyage into the blogosphere. Upon entering this physical manifestation of the place I spend most of my time, a mix of words and light swirled around me, illuminating my field of vision from every angle as thoughts, desires and observations rushed forward from the trenches of hyperspace and darted out…

In this week’s episode of Science Saturday, John Horgan chats with philosopher Denis Dutton about his book, “The Art Instinct,” which argues that our artistic values are due, in significant part, to biological adaptations dating back to the Pleistocene. Next, John and Denis discuss sex and creativity, why there is no art of smell, and…

Prismatic Soap Bubble ScienceBlogs fans will have surely noticed the stunning images featured on our Life Science, Physical Science (above), Environment, Humanities and Technology channels. They’re taken from On the Surface of Things: Images of the Extraordinary in Science, by Harvard organic chemist George Whitesides and photographer Felice Frankel. Frankel, who heads the Envisioning Science…

(This is a guest post written by Mo, the Neurophilosopher.) I’m very pleased to announce that the fantastic Bioephemera has been “acquired” by ScienceBlogs. When I first started reading it, I knew that I had found a unique blog, and it soon became one of my favourites. (More below the fold…)

Machines on a Beach

“The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds,” says artist Theo Jansen. For over 14 years, Jansen has been engaged in the production of animari, or beach animals—massive kinetic sculptures constructed of light materials. After a firm push to begin, the wind takes over, and the skeletally beautiful ‘animals’ walk unaided over…

Capturing the Small

For 34 years, Nikon has sponsored the “Small World” photomicrography competition to showcase, as they put it, “the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope.”

“Memory,” Online

Above, Elvis’s famous coif has been pasted over the faces of three famous people. Does the hair make it more difficult to recognize them?

Ah, science fairs. To the left, observe my colleague, fellow Seed-ster Lee Billings, feeling the science fair glow at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Intel ISEF is the world’s largest and most acclaimed gathering of pre-college-age scientists. Held each May, the fair brings together 1,500 students from over…