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Call for Concerned Cartoonists

Attention all doodlers: The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is now accepting entries for its second annual Science Idol editorial cartoon contest. The grand prize includes $500 and an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C. to tour the UCS offices and meet with Tom Toles, editorial cartoonist for the Washington Post. Here’s the catch: You…

Meet Craig McClain: the snorkeling, Southern-boy sea scientist of Deep Sea News. If you’d like to hire him, especially, he’s available for interviews at 831-… What’s your name? Craig R. McClain. The R stands for rascal.

This time around, the 3.14 Interview tackles the “excessively outspoken and sardonic” Steinn Sigurdsson of Dynamics of Cats. What do you do when you’re not blogging? Paperwork—proposals, forms and occasional actual research papers; herding and tending of kids and cats; in between I read and sleep, in that order. What is your blog called? Dynamics…

After a bit of a hiatus, ScienceBlogger interviews are back! And today, in honor of his one-year blogging anniversary, we feature Steve Higgins of Omni Brain.

…because Jessica Hagy, author of the indispensable fun-with-charts-and-graphs blog Indexed, has landed a book deal. We expect it will be full of gems like this: Image: Indexed.

Burning and Learning

“When I was in high school, I remember friends who were jealous that my parents knew math and science,” writes Janet Stemwedel of ScienceBlogs’ Adventures in Ethics and Science, over at the current issue of the Science Creative Quarterly, since obviously that meant I could ask them for help with my homework. What my friends…

Richard Simmons at the NYC Toy Fair

An estimated 14,000 buyers from 7,000 retailers will descend on New York City this weekend to attend The American International Toy Fair. Thirteen hundred exhibitors–Richard Simmons among them–will be present to pedal their wares.

Bueno, No Sano.

I enjoy the occasional chain-store burrito. I consider(ed) them a healthy alternative to traditional fast food. Then I entered my personal burrito preferences into this Chipotle nutrition calculator: