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Chris Mooney on the Colbert Report

ScienceBlogger Chris Mooney appeared on The Colbert report yesterday to discuss the Bush Administration’s ‘war on science.’ According to Chris, the scientists won the war on science when President Obama was elected.

Monday, January 26, ScienceBlogger Chris Mooney will be a guest on The Colbert Report, hosted by the one and only Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central. Mooney and Colbert will discuss Bush’s “war on science” and how the Obama administration can change the scientific climate in America. Mooney is a contributor to The Intersection where he…

In this week’s Science Saturday, science writers Chris Mooney and Carl Zimmer look ahead at the scientific controversies and discoveries of the coming year. Will Craig Venter finally produce artificial life in 2009? Will NASA find proof of Martian life? Will the public become even less informed about science? And perhaps most importantly, will Obama’s…