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Spoiler Alert: The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie is a nearly perfect piece of entertainment, combining conventional action, absurdist comedy, and a bit of family drama while subverting some narrative clichés. The message of the film changes: from there shall be a hero, to anyone can be a hero, to everyone can be a hero. For exposing both prophecy and villainy as BS, The Lego Movie gets an A+ in the moral-of-the-story department.

Recalculating Round Numbers

The price of human genome sequencing has fallen spectacularly since the turn of the century; what then cost $100,000,000 is now promised for only $1000. This race toward zero makes even Moore’s Law look like a snail’s pace, but the $1000 price tag does come with a couple asterisks. For one, providers will need high…