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Horror Vacui

Aristotle thought that there could be no lasting void in the natural order, that any emptiness would be instantaneously filled. Of course Aristotle was full of batty ideas. But this one came to be rephrased by philosophers and Vulcans alike as “nature abhors a vacuum,” enduring as a powerful metaphor if not a precisely factual…

In this week’s episode of Science Saturday, John Horgan chats with philosopher Denis Dutton about his book, “The Art Instinct,” which argues that our artistic values are due, in significant part, to biological adaptations dating back to the Pleistocene. Next, John and Denis discuss sex and creativity, why there is no art of smell, and…

This week’s episode features philosopher Joshua Knobe and psychologist Elizabeth Spelke discussing the cognitive abilities of infants. Here are some more clips of the “diavlog” in addition to the one you can view on the ScienceBlogs home page.