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It’s still a sprawling action movie, complete with boilerplate plot, senseless acts of violence, and the satisfying crunch of large-scale destruction. But make no mistake: Guardians of the Galaxy is a riot, and Marvel’s master plan to take over Hollywood is well under way.

More Money than Brains

If the IT resources exist to simulate 90 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections between them, mediated by dozens of different neurotransmitters and organized into highly specialized networks, there’s still no reason to expect intelligence to emerge or a ghost to glom on to the machine.

Spoiler Alert: Elysium

If you have the time, money, and interest, go see Elysium before you read this post.  The visual design and actors’ performances are very enjoyable even as the script sinks into mediocrity.  The technology envisioned for the year 2154 has a unique, appealing, retro physicality that is unmatched in modern science fiction. For writer and…