Shifting Baselines

They’re making progress. Check out the map. They’re halfway down Baja and a couple hundred miles out to sea. As you’re reading this right now, Dr. Marcus Ericksen and Joel Paschal are bobbing on the surface, eating their beans, corn and fish, and calling attention to the sad situation of plastics in the sea. It’s been a month since they left Long Beach harbor, however, they spent more than the first week hiding out at San Nicholas Island waiting for a storm to blow by. Now they’re well on their way. As Marcus keeps emphasizing, quoting Captain Charles Moore, sailboats don’t have ETAs, they only have destinations. For now, it’s looking like late August is a reasonable guess for when they’ll arrive in Hawaii. But lots of miles to go before then. Keep following their journey at their blog.

Amazing journey these guys are conducting. They have my complete admiration.

They’re finally making some serious westward progress.