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Something to do with this

Hey, look! A new book about residency. Man, my thing is so five minutes ago.

I don’t have much of a moral

It’s been a while. I’ve been in a demoralizing, soul-sucking stretch of rotations for about two months. Suddenly, sleep has become more of a priority than ever before, and documenting the details of my crappy life seems less important and ultimately, less useful than ever. Still, you people seem to want to taste of every…

I don’t mind working nights

Friday, Thursday, Sunday–when you’re working the night shift, they’re all just words. Days run into other days and their names become meaningless, signifiers only of times when the mail comes and when it doesn’t. I don’t mind working nights for a couple of weeks at a time. There’s a kind of camaraderie among the members…

Upside down

Most of my memories of Charles are upside down. When I was a kid, that’s how he carried me around–on his back, giggling; under his arm, waving at his knees; or thrown over his shoulder, poking at his armpit. I remember him as big, gentle, and quiet, with his mouth where his eyes should’ve been.

The other side of the story

You guys remember that DonorsChoose campaign in which Signout participated last October? Well. A project called “The Pencil Monster” was funded exclusively through donations obtained via this very blog. And because it was a great project, it got televised.

Boob tube

I switched on the boob tube the other day while folding laundry and somehow ended up watching children’s television. (What? It happens.)

Growing pains

In response to a few kind inquiries, several gentle nudges, and an overwhelming quantity of porn-related comment spam, I’m posting again.

The public’s clamor

Oh, the public’s clamor is too much! Must Signout give and give and give until there is no Signout left, even for Signout? I kid. It’s not that my life is really all that chaotic these days, or that nothing interesting is happening at work, or that I’m incredibly depressed–I just don’t have that much…

It doesn’t really matter

“Is anyone running this code?” There were two residents in the room, one administering chest compressions, and one getting an arterial blood sample. Neither of them answered me; in response to my question, there was only the binging and bonging of various monitors ably detecting a dead man. “OK, so, I guess I’m running this…

Couldn’t be prouder

Yowza! Within four days of my announcement about the Donors Choose campaign, you guys donated enough to more than double Signout’s fundraising goal. You’ve raised nearly 600 bucks, kids, and I couldn’t be prouder!