Dangerman Audition!

Alright, folks, so last week I got this letter from a very good magician and television producer Anthony Owen from Objective Productions, the company partnered with Discovery Channel to make Dangerman in London:

Thank you for your recent email application for Dangerman.

If you are still interested in being considered for this role we’d like you to make a short video of yourself (no longer than 3 minutes). Tell us, on camera, why you would be the perfect Dangerman (or Woman) and explain the science behind a dangerous stunt in an entertaining way which would make sense to a non science-educated viewer.

If you already have footage of you performing the stunt you are explaining or another similar one, you could supply that too, but it’s not essential and no particular preference will be given to applicants who supply ‘stunt’ footage.

After debating exactly what they wanted, I decided that they were most looking for a short video of just me, speaking to the camera, to assess whether I was what they wanted or not. Here is my audition for Dangerman.

Here is a video of someone actually dipping their hand into lead, and you’ll notice he makes sure to wet his hand first! This would really be a dream job if I could get it; wish me luck! In fact, I’m not sure whether it would help or not, but if you wanted to email Anthony and tell him you saw my youtube video and would love to watch Dangerman hosted by me, it couldn’t hurt. I’ve already talked to Jamie about it and she would be happy to come with me to London; let’s hope it happens, since this really would be a dream job for me!


  1. #1 Brian
    February 19, 2008

    I emailed Anthony and said you should be the next Dangerman. Good luck!

  2. #2 Zrinka
    February 20, 2008

    I also emailed Anthony. Good luck Ethan!

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