Weekend Diversion: A Fun Online Game!

Sometimes, gravity and motion has the power to mesmerize me. I found this online game called “compulse” which was so much fun, that I spent about 90 minutes this week just playing this game until I had beaten every level on the “pro” setting. Yikes. (My score is 104 under par, 8 under pro.)

And so, in the interest of bringing it to you, I’ve tried to embed it into my website. Have fun playing if it works in your browser (I told you to use firefox or safari), and if you enjoy playing with the mechanics of motion as much as I do, maybe you, too, have the interest it takes to be a physicist!

Thanks to Armor Games for allowing me to use this on my site!


  1. #1 Matt
    April 19, 2008

    How do you solve level 7 with only two fields? o_o

    Level 7, 20 and 25 are the only ones I didn’t manage at pro (I placed 1 field too much for each). I’m still rather content with me… 2 under pro, isn’t all that bad. (:

  2. #2 ethan
    April 19, 2008

    For level 7, use a right arrow at the beginning, and then tinker with the up arrow. It has to go past the up arrow a number of times, but it’ll get up top eventually. Still, that’s a pretty good score.

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