Weekend Diversion: On the Road Again!

Nothing too crazy this weekend, folks. Why not? Believe it or not, because for the past 7 days, I’ve been on a road trip! We’ve been through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and we’re now headed back through Iowa, South Dakota, and possibly Wyoming. The weather is gorgeous, the landscapes, skies, and adventures are all outstanding, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my week’s “vacation.” (Of course I’ve still been writing for you, too!)

So what can I give you to help you chill out this weekend? Well, I’d love to give you my favorite rendition of Willie Nelson’s classic, On The Road Again, as performed by him, Stephen Colbert, and Ambassador Richard Holbrook two years ago on the Colbert report, but — as you can see from this link — it doesn’t work! You’ll have to settle for Willie on his own:

Interesting side note? Stephen and Willie both have their own Ben & Jerry’s flavor named after them, and they had an ice cream-off during the show. After this episode aired, we went to the store and bought a pint of each, as well as a new flavor called “Creme Brulee”. The Willie Nelson flavor was a peach cobbler, and was only fair. The Colbert flavor was a solid vanilla, but the so-called caramel swirl was weak, and the ice cream really needs significantly more to balance the flavors. The Creme Brulee pint never made it back into the freezer, and was far and away the best.

So keep at it, Stephen, because you’ve got a lot of potential, but a lot more work to do. As for me? Time to get on the road again!