This week’s Carnival of Space: #114

Those of you who’ve been reading this site regularly know that we’ve been very busy of late, finishing our series on the last 100 years, working on raising money for charity, and discussing the deep issues of distances and motion in cosmology. But there is a whole lot of other space news buzzing around the internet, and each week, it gets wrapped up in a giant Carnival of Space.

The 114th edition is up at Cheap Astronomy, and my top three picks this week are as follows:

1.) Why aren’t we Going to Mars? Cumbrian Sky takes a good look at Mars, and expressed sadness and frustration at how our dreams of walking on the red planet continue to go unfulfilled. It’s a thoughtful and well-written piece that’s worth checking out.

2.) See a video of the Solar Eclipse! Amanda Bauer, a.k.a. Astropixie, recounts her experience with the total Solar Eclipse from on-site in Ningbo, China. It is amazing and impressive, and I am jealous as all get-out that she got to go!

3.) The latest Space Shuttle Mission in pictures. Universe Today recounts mission STS-127 in words and pictures, showing some of the mission highlights. Did you really forget about how impressive it is simply to be up in space? This may help remind you of how glorious the adventure must be!

Don’t forget to check out the entire Carnival of Space archives, and then come back here tomorrow, where we’ll continue talking about distances, motion, and the expanding Universe!