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Weekend Diversion: Cartoons for Social Justice (Synopsis)

Image credit: Useful by Pawel Kuczynski;

“Everybody wants peace. That’s a truism. There is no point in accomplishing through war what you can accomplish through peace.” –Norman Finkelstein

Say what you will about this world, and there’s an artist out there who can say it more effectively without needing to use a single word. For those who can do that, I tip my hat and express my admiration. When it comes to social justice, we’re often promised, as KT Tunstall will sing you,


but things still seem to remain the same. Well one artist — Pawel Kuczynski — seems to have simply nailed that without the need for a single word.

Image credit: Pawel Kuczynski.

Using a simple cartoon to illustrate such issues facing our world as social, economic and political injustices, as well as more personal themes like addiction, self-loathing and what we eat, he manages to say more (and to say it more effectively) in a single image than most can say in an arbitrary number of words.

Image credit: Pawel Kuczynski.

Go explore his fantastic works here, and have a great weekend!