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Weekend Diversion: Martha Wash’s Biggest Fan (Synopsis)

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“I’m just thankful that I’m still here. I hope I’m still relevant to somebody. I don’t trip on all that icon stuff. I’m still that down-to-earth girl I was all those years ago.” –Martha Wash

Everyone has their own unique set of contributions that they can make to the world: some do it scrupulously, and others less so. But I always admire the people who do it right, succeed, and then turn right back around and help the same community that helped them achieve that success. Have a listen to Martha Wash’s greatest hit,

It’s Raining Men,

while you take a moment to learn about her story and her career.

Image credit: forum user Kreemah of Tribe, via, of (from L-to-R) Martha Wash, Sylvester and Izora Armstead.

Starting out as a backup vocalist for 70s disco singer/songwriter Sylvester, Martha was nicknamed, with her co-backup singer Izora Armstead, “Two Tons o’ Fun” by Sylvester himself, and the two of them left to strike out on their own. The rest of her story is amazing, but most amazing of all is what happened when perhaps her biggest fan ever — Jermaine Taylor — got to meet her.

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Go and read the whole fantastic story, and don’t forget to watch the video at the end! Have a great weekend!