Starts With A Bang

The most important Earth Day lessons, from beyond this world (Synopsis)

Image credit: NASA / Johnson Space Center, of astronaut Karen Nyberg.

“We are not learning to view ourselves as an advanced, evolving civilization. That is what we really must learn to do, in due course, if we were to survive. All of that will take place, in due course, and we will be able to explore solar system. We will be able to go beyond it, provided we get our act together and learn to live as a civilization.” -Edgar Mitchell

There are a great many world with opportunities for life, both in our Solar System and beyond, and we’ve only just begun to discover them. Perhaps Enceladus, Europa or Titan harbor some form of life right now, and perhaps Mars or Venus had plentiful lifeforms in the earliest moments of the Solar System.

The surface of Venus. Image credit: Venera landers / USSR.

But compared to everything we’ve found out there, there’s still no planet as friendly to life or hospitable to humans as Earth is. It’s the fact that we went beyond the Earth and discovered the Universe that’s allowed us to appreciate just how rare, precious and special our home world is.

Image credit: NASA / Apollo 8.

Make the most of it this Earth day, and remember it every day to come!