Starts With A Bang

The System Is… Having Problems

The summer Milky Way in Sagittarius sets behind a group of amateur astronomers at the Black Forest Star Party in Cherry Springs Pennsylvania, USA on September 3, 2005. This image is a single exposure (not a composite) of 55 seconds at ISO 3200 on a fixed tripod with a Canon EOS 20Da camera and Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 USM zoom lens working at 16mm at f/2.8. Image credit: Jerry Lodriguss.

I know you normally look forward to the weekend as a chance for our comments of the week, but I see that a great many of you have been commenting/posting and have been encountering problems. Specifically, the problem that the system appears to eat your comments. The time I would normally spend writing our Comments of the Week has gone into trying to find-and-recover them, which is no fun for anyone.

After looking into it (because, sorry, it looks like the people who are responsible for maintaining Scienceblogs don’t really care unless the system itself goes completely down), it appears that something is causing all new comments from everyone except Denier and myself (don’t know why we’re the special ones) to go to spam.

So on Saturday morning, I was able to recover all the comments, but I didn’t have time this week to both do the comment recovery and, you know, read, think about, and write responses to them. But hopefully this will help fix the issue moving forward, and I do appreciate all of you who took the time to email me when I asked on Friday about the problems you were experiencing. Comments are back, but I will have to check manually whether they’re going to continue to work automatically, or whether I’m going to have to check them all out manually (which means digging through the spam by hand) instead of having the Scienceblogs system functioning properly.

And Wes, if you’re listening, this is happening, and my “job” with Scienceblogs should be to write about science, not to admin your neglected system.

Thank you for understanding, everyone.

Please enjoy the best Louisiana Zydeco song/rendition/live performance I’ve ever encountered, thanks to Rosie Ledet, as a reward for bearing with us here.

For a little bonus info, Mostly Mute Monday (as you’ve noticed) is on hiatus while we’re reviewing the new Star Trek series, Discovery, which is airing on Sunday nights. So to make up for it, this past week saw the first instance of “5 Fact Fridays,” which I’m just beginning, to try and start a fun new way to share a little bit more about the Universe with all of you. See you back here soon!