Yes, only in Japan… See James Annan.

Somewhat more seriously, John Fleck praises Benny Peiser (don’t worry folks, its not for his climate-type opinions, which remain junk, but for finding some interesting papers on impacts).

And over at RealClimate, even more seriously, the long-awaiting post pointing out what von S did wrong in Science is now out. Better get editing at wiki…

Phenology (sp?): its been a cold spring here. Despite being unusually far behind with my digging, the weeds haven’t overtaken me yet. And the bees are slow. Sloe in blossom.

As you may have noticed, I don’t have much to say on my own behalf. It seems to be a slow period for climate type news. Or I’m not paying attention.

[Update: I suspect that not all of my readers read CIP, so I point you towards Fearing Truth in particular. But there is lots of other good stuff there -W]


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