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EGU: Wedsnesday

A few pics, just in case you think that Vienna is all beauteous; here I choose about the least attractive angle to see the Austria Centre from. . And a maybe irridescent cloud. Not sure. And Richard Alley, from his medal talk. And a slightly nicer view of the conf centre (can you spot it?)…

EGU: tuesday

Tuesday morning has at least 4 sessions I could have been interested in. Leave EPICA for later and start off (cos I happen to pass the room) with Latif on MOC; which to me provides more evidence not to worry about it. Thence into the climate sensitivity session, which is packed. Matt Collins talks about…

Big Gav

The NYT profiles Gavin Schmidt: Dr. Schmidt’s demeanor melds the subtle elegance of an Oxford-educated Englishman (which he is) with the savvy of a street-smart New Yorker… ah how true (though there is more of the blood-lust of the NY lawyer in his question style at conferences). Thanks to PT for the tip. [Update; I’m…

EGU: Monday

Testing testing… is the EGU wireless network working? Yes. Good. Unlike the mike of the current speaker :-(

April 1st

I was too boring to have an April fools post – sorry. What would it have been? Probably something like “BAS bureaucracy discovers sanity; throws out childcare and H+S policy” but thats rather a bitter joke. Anyway, I liked PZ born again.