Archives for May 4, 2006

The Grauniad echoes Nature (subs req, but since the Grauniad appears to have copied Nature fairly thoroughly you’re not losing much) in saying that the US govt has leaked (do they use that phrase? well I shall) the IPCC AR4 second draft. This is of course naughty of them.

This is about “Model projections of the North Atlantic thermohaline circulation for the 21st century assessed by observations” by A. Schmittner, M. Latif, and B. Schneider (here if you have a GRL subscription). Its interesting for two reasons: another data point on the “will the THC shutdown” (no); and because of the way it weights…

Today is Jedi day!

The last UK census included “Jedi” amongst the various religions, and came out quite highly. So its appropriate to note that today must be Jedi day – May the fourth be with you, ho ho (thanks Phil). Its also a beautiful day here.