Today is Jedi day!

The last UK census included “Jedi” amongst the various religions, and came out quite highly. So its appropriate to note that today must be Jedi day – May the fourth be with you, ho ho (thanks Phil). Its also a beautiful day here.


  1. #1 CanuckRob

    The test of a great pun is how loud the groan is. I had someone in the next office come in to see if I was alright. Very good, thanks.

    [Glad you liked it! -W]

  2. #2 Q

    QUESTION: Do The Real Jedis (or slim shaddy) celebrate fourth of May or the 4th of July. Do Jedi knights come from Jeddah.

    QUESTION: Have the biggest diamonds been found. I mean 500 carats and over.

    QUESTION: Is Kuwait a province of Iraq, or just an independent Oil Well.

    QUESTION: Are the Falkland Isles just another independent Oil Well.

    QUESTION: How much Reserves have Alaskan, Artic & Antartic Oil Surveys revealed

    QUESTION: The US consumes 20 million barrels day. How long will supplies (known reserves) last when Global consumption reaches 100 million barrels day.

    QUESTION: Will it get hotter or colder geo-politically

    QUESTION: which country or “Evil Empire” would be prepared to go Nuclear to protect “its” Oil reserves.


  3. #3 Q

    Conservatives gain 250 seats and control of 8 Councils in England and the Shires.

    Could this be what is known as “The Return of The Jedi” or “The Fourth Be With You”

    Alas, only 33% of people vote, and Labour loses 250 seats and control of another 10 Councils.

    What about Green Jedis?

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