The £4 trousers

I needed a new pair of trousers (shorts, actually) at short notice. My wife bought me a pair at Tesco’s (sort of like Wal-Mart, if you’re not from the UK). Looked very nice, cost £4. At that price, I joked, its cheaper to throw them away rather than wash them.

And indeed it might be best. After 1 (2?) washes, the seams are coming apart. So I get to spend far more than £4’s worth of my time sewing them up again…

Is this the price of globalisation? Or just one bad pair of trousers?


  1. #1 Roman Werpachowski

    You get what you pay for. Chinese can manufacture much better clothing, but it will not cost four quid.

    [Ah well, I *thought* the idea was I paid £4 and got, through globalisation, cheap good trous. It seems I get cheap cr*p trous, which wasn’t a good bargain – W]

  2. #2 Roman Werpachowski

    Practically every not tailor-made piece of clothing you can buy is made in China or Turkey — perhaps also Ukraine, but I’d doubt it. So you profit from globalisation anyway. It’s just that quality costs more than crap, and globalisation won’t change it ;-)

  3. #3 coby

    You should buy two and throw them both away after wearing one of them once. This will increase consumption and make us all wealthier.

  4. #4 Q

    Bad Trousers?

    Bad Globalisation more like.

    Mind you would u bother to go to Mark & Sparks and claim a refund if a pair of Israeli made pants split after 3 washes?

    And how good is your stitching (sewing)? A skill every “survivalist must have in Antartica or even Arabica.

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