has some nice pix of retreating glaciers over the last 30-odd years. No, its not *proof* of GW, of course; just more evidence in the same direction.


  1. #1 James Annan

    Just playing DA for fun, but would a lengthening glacier also be “evidence in the same direction” too (more precip and all that).

    [I suppose I’m actually wondering how credible the model forecasts are on the precip/ablation balance generally, and on how well they agree with detailed regional obs.]

    [I’m sure we could fudge it if we tried… as I recall, the few lengthening glaciers (Norge?) tend to be explicitly explained by inc ppn; no-one tries to explain the shortening ones by dec ppn. P-abl: GCM P might be reliable, ish, at the larger scales; but ablation would need downscaling to be useful, I would have though. Even around Gr/Ant -W]

  2. #2 Todd Smith

    Another DA point… I didn’t see if the pics were taken at the same time of the year. Maybe I missed it on their site, but it would make a huge difference if one pic was taken in January, and the other in August. It doesn’t seem from the tenor of the web page that they would do this intentionally, it is just that I was surprised that more attention was given to the way they took the photos in order to line them up than was given to making sure an apples-to-apples comparison was made.

    Personally, I think this effect is likely real. I would just like to see more rigorous studies done.

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